Step Inside Our World

We're a tightly-knit team that operates at lightning speed. Discover the core talents behind REBUS, the minds that bring forth our most innovative ideas.

Managing Director & Founder of REBUS Agency

First link in the chain. Josef has a panoramic view of all projects, ensuring each is delegated to the right team member. He'll be your guiding hand from project inception to completion. 

Art Director

Eliška is our gateway to creativity. A reservoir of innovative ideas, she transforms visions into graphic designs that don't just captivate but deliver results.

3D Magician

Vojta has a knack for breathing life into ideas. He can transform a conceptual product into a 3D visualization that mirrors reality.

3D designer

Jan dives deep into the world of pixels and polygons. With a keen eye for detail, he crafts 3D animations and videos that blur the lines between imagination and reality.


If you spot someone resembling Slovak entertainer Palo Habera with a camera, you've found Lumír. He's our go-to for every imaginable shot and is the life of the set.


Marek captures moments that surpass the ordinary. With a keen eye for detail, he ensures he's always in the right spot at the perfect moment. His prowess extends to photomontages, seamlessly integrating products into any backdrop.

Graphic Artist

The unseen genius behind our masterpieces. Swift and meticulous, Ivana crafts leaflets, manuals, and texts with unparalleled precision.

doc. RNDr. Stanislav Bartoň, CSc., expert consultant

For challenges demanding avant-garde expertise, we rely on Stanislav. He grounds our work in factual accuracy and scientific rigor. Every interaction with him is a learning opportunity.


Mirka is the linchpin that keeps our operations running seamlessly. Without her, our workflow would come undone.