3D Videos & Animations

We will create realistic visualizations of your work that are impossible to capture with a standard camera. We put the world in motion under a microscope. Show people how fascinating life in micro really is.

3D videos

One short video often delivers more than a long speech. Say the important things concisely and clearly, and emphasize your statement with a visual content. We will put static pictures in motion and bring dynamism to your copy.


You cannot see a cell floating in a petri dish, or a virus drifting in the air with the naked eye. Captivate your clients with impressive visualizations of cells, bacteria, and fungi. We will create such believable animations of microbes that they will look real.

3D renders

Do you need to create a photorealistic render of a device that is currently being developed? And to place this render in an absolutely real environment? We know how to do all this, and we will happily do it for you.