Jewelry Gaston entrusted us with crafting a fresh website and visual identity, paving the way for a lasting and fruitful collaboration.

For our esteemed client, Klenoty Gaston, we masterfully curated:

  • A sleek website combined with an e-shop, spotlighting their exquisite jewellery.
  • Optimization across devices, ensuring seamless user experiences.
  • Captivating photographs, vital in magnifying the allure of each jewellery piece.
  • Engaging copywriting, encompassing all website content.
  • A distinctive logotype paired with a comprehensive visual identity.
  • Vibrant content tailored for social media engagement.
  • Striking advertising displays, dimensional 3D logos, and immersive 3D in-store presentations.
  • Elegant printed essentials: from catalogues to business cards, vouchers, tokens, and more.