Crafting Ideas. From Pixels to Stories.

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Crafting Ideas. From Pixels to Stories.

From Any Corner to Every Corner: Shaping Powerful Brands Across the Globe.

Crafting Ideas. From Pixels to Stories.

From Any Corner to Every Corner: Shaping Powerful Brands Across the Globe.

We breathe life into companies

We are REBUS, an advertising agency. Just as your technologies, products, and services enhance people's lives, we enhance your brand.

With over two decades of experience, we empower professionals to excel in their domains. Our distinctive visualizations complement your expertise. We'll align graphics or 3D videos with your devices and equipment functionalities. Capturing and retaining your target audience's attention, we ensure your products resonate with the intended audience.

How can we help you?

Graphic design

Creativity and imagination are deeply ingrained in our DNA. Elevate your professional image with a seamless and impactful visual identity.

3D videos and animations

We specialize in crafting hyper-realistic visualizations that transcend the limits of standard photography. Through our lens, we reveal the intricate motions of the world, magnifying the microscopic marvels that exist all around us. Illuminate the captivating intricacies of micro life and unveil its truly mesmerizing essence.

Website creation

Elevate your expertise with a dynamic presentation website that ensures seamless navigation and an engaging user experience.

Online advertising

Business momentum is essential. That's why we place our bets on analytics and robust data, steering clear of relying on pure luck. Our aim is to guide clients to you through the most efficient route possible.

Photo & Video

Challenging the notion that mobile devices can effortlessly capture every essence, our team of skilled photographers is poised to demonstrate that impeccable photographs and videos stand as unparalleled marketing and presentation assets for your company.


It's great working with REBUS. I've had the pleasure of working with REBUS for more than 2 years now and I'm very happy with the outcome. All our needs are at Erba Mannheim Latam are right on point, with great results. We come up with ideas together, and they are always willing to help, to walk that extra mile. It doesn't matter the time difference between us, Josef is always there. I have only to thank Josef and his team for the outstanding work. 

Daniele Cunha
Marketing Manager - CALBIOTECH Inc., San Diego, USA

Josef with team are amazing to work with. Always helpful and able to create content on a very short notice. We have been working with them for several years now and look forward to many more years of collaboration.

Cecilia Mancini
Global Marketing Manager - Erba Mannheim, London, UK
I am really grateful for the cooperation with the REBUS advertising agency. It's a very refreshing feeling to work with people you don't have to lead by the hand. They basically came up with a tailor-made solution right away. Putting myself in the hands of people who understand their work and do it with breathtaking enthusiasm, like Josef and Eliska, was one of the best decisions in my life. It saved me so much precious time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I highly recommend this company!
Lucie Bielakova